A correctly installed airline can not only optimize your compressed air capacity but can also ensure that you are not losing money through costly air leaks and poorly designed airline. Our experienced technical team will measure, design and install an airline that fits your application and satisfies your compressed air requirements.

Need suitable compressed air distribution?

A correctly installed compressed air system should be designed for maximum production, productivity and flexibility so that you are able to adapt to your factories changing air needs.  Our airline installation service aims at ensuring that your compressed air setup is suitable to your air requirements and suitable safety standards.  Designing your airline before installation reduces the risk of pressure drops, so air can be delivered to where it is needed at the right pressure.

Our recommendations

Incorrectly sized or badly designed compressed airlines can result in excessive system pressure drop which can harm your production and efficiency.  A correctly installed compressed air system taking into account maintenance access, ventilation, pipe sizing, piping materials, pressure drop, isolation, future requirements, etc, can result in significant energy and maintenance cost savings over the life of the system.  We select the most appropriate piping materials for the application taking into consideration the environment and future expansion plans.

Airline Piping Materials

The material used for your airline piping is dependent on your air applications and requirements.

Benefit Description
Copper Pipe A copper pipe airline installation is good for an installation that has a lot of obstructions. The smaller lengths can be bent onsite which also saves money on installation and having the ability to expand the pipe also saves on extra fittings.
– Crimped fittings means no need for oxy/acetylene welding during installation.
– Fast installation
– Won’t Rust
– Durable
– Easy to add onto
– 25 year guarantee on joints and fittings
– Price of fittings cheaper than aluminium fittings & plastic
– No chance of leaks once fittings have been soldered or crimped
Galvanised Steel Pipe Galvanised steel is very durable.  The labour aspect of the installation will drive the price up however the cost of materials is relatively cheap.  Along with copper and stainless steel; galvanised steel piping will stand the test of time.
– Will rust over time from joints
– Durable
– Fittings and pipe is cheap
– Very labour intensive
– Pipe threader/cutter required
Plastic Poly Pipe Plastic compressed air piping is one of the cheapest options for your installation.  It is great for temporary setups or when being installed in a cable tray.  The pipe tends to sag if not fastened at least 250mm apart.   Also keep in mind that plastic pipe has a rather large wall thickness.  If you were considering an installation in 25mm copper for example you would have to install 32mm plastic to get similar flow rates.  Also we don’t recommend installing plastic poly pipe directly out of your compressor due to excessive heat.
– Won’t Rust
– Quick & easy to install
– Pipe & fittings are cheap
– Air leaks can pop up over time
– Pipe tends to sag if not bracketed enough