At Field Air Compressors we offer a compressed air audit to better assess your true compressed air requirements. The potential energy savings are second to none and the saying of “knowledge is power” takes it true form in this instance. Each compressed air plant is unique and therefore each client is individually analysed for a personal solution. Our solution includes the compressed air flow testing, load cycles as well as a report with recommendations to optimise your compressed air system.

6 Aspects of a Compressed Air System

Audit Benefits

As the costs of energy continues to rise, accurately tracking the use of compressed air can provide direct and immediate benefits by giving you the information you need to establish an effective program.

Flow Meters

Determining the true demand in a compressed air system, whether for a new installation or for an upgrade, can be a difficult task but it is critical first step in any design. Once operational, the demands upon a system will typically fluctuate significantly. In either case, the most accurate method of monitoring the system is through the use of one or more flow meters installed at strategic locations in the facility served by the system.Potential points of measurement in a compressed air audit flow meter are…

Specifying the Requirements


Several factors must be considered when selecting and specifying any instrumentation. To specify the best configuration, you must determine a few things.

If the survey of a compressed dry air system rotates from line to line throughout a large system, multiple ball valve assemblies can be installed at all points of measurement. Then, flow meters can be installed in the desired locations for the duration of the survey and moved on to new locations for the next series of measurements. In this way, a very large system can be monitored efficiently and economically.