Proud supporters of Wheatfield Mission Outreach

The Wheatfield Mission is a non-profit, non-sexist and non-denominational Mission Outreach motivated by love and compassion. They serve mankind irrespective of race, religion or culture, identifying needs and attempting to address them. Unemployment, HIV / AIDS and crime have taken their toll. On Sundays they feed an average of 2000 people. Clothing, blankets and food are collected. These, when available, are distributed to the poorest of the poor.

FAC has undertaken to help the above mentioned Organisation by donating various items to those in need (both perishables and non-perishables).  We have also placed a collection box in the reception of our Pietermaritzburg branch should customer’s wish to donate any money towards this cause.

3 thoughts on “Proud supporters of Wheatfield Mission Outreach

  1. Zachariah Mciver says:

    I have a question for you if you have a second. I heard vertical tank air compressors are better than horizontal tank compressors. Is that true? From what I’ve been told the vertical tanks can hold more air. I appreciate the response.

    • Admin_FAC says:

      Hi Zachariah,
      There are many different factors to take into consideration.
      In terms of holding more air, whether it is a vertical or horizontal tank it depends purely on the volume, not on whether it is horizontal or vertical.

      I hope this helps.

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