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Hamba Kahle, Isaac

Isaac’s Story (as told by FAC Founders, Gaye & Abe Botes)

Isaac originally started working as a gardener for us in 2003.  During this time we were in the process of moving premises from Davlen Park to 12 Halstead Road (our current premises) and needed extra hands to assist.  Isaac was then employed to assist with the move.  He proved invaluable in the exercise and was subsequently employed by Field Air Compressors (previously FSFM) as Abe’s technical assistant to assist him with jobs.

A hard worker, Isaac quickly learnt about the tools and the servicing of compressors, and was also a great help when deliveries needed to be made.  He would embrace any job given to him with an eager smile and soon won the hearts of all around him.

During this time, he was travelling back and forth from Mkondeni to Nagle Dam, so we asked him if he would like to live on the premises.  He happily accepted as it would then mean he could save both time and money. An added benefit, was that the company would also have him around should any security issues arise.

Isaac soon became a family friend and was loved dearly by our children.  He also always made time for the family pets who loved him.  15 years later, it is now time for him to retire.  We are extremely blessed to have known this honest & loyal man.  We wish him all the best for his “golden years” and the family at FAC will miss him dearly.

Letter from Ashlyn Frank (Operations Director)

“In my 5 Year association with Isaac Mnguni, affectionately known as “Uncle”, I find myself struggling to describe a man of his stature. Isaac is very unassuming, humble and quiet, but the one word that comes to mind is loyal. The loyalty and dedication that he has shown to Field Air Compressors is something that I can only wish other staff members as well as myself are able to embody. I have known him to Abe’s right hand man throughout my association with the company and his contribution has been invaluable.

Uncle has been an ever-present in the workshop and will definitely be missed by all his colleagues . It is funny how when you start in a company, everyone is strangers, but as the years progress we become friends and eventually family. That is what Field Air Compressors is, it is a home away from home and Isaac Mnguni is a family member that will be sorely missed.

Uncle – it has been a joy to work with someone so passionate, calm and dedicated all at the same time. While I have only had the chance to work with you these years, your loyalty and commitment has made a huge positive impact on our company. I hope your retirement brings you wonderful things. You will be missed by all!”

A few parting words from Sheldon Botes (MD)

Ever since I can remember, Isaac has been part of the Field Air Compressors family.  As a young boy watching my father build his business to now,  I realize that the key to success for any business is to surround yourself with loyal and dedicated people like Isaac.  Not only is he loyal, but Isaac is one of the most reliable and humble individuals that I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.  His legacy will live on, forever entrenched in our company’s culture and values.  Thank you and hamba kahle, Isaac.

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