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Compressed Air Dryers – Refrigerant Air Dyers

What is a Refrigerant Air Dryer?

A Refrigerant Air Dryer is a specialized piece of equipment that contains filter systems which are designed to remove water that is inherent in compressed air. Refrigerant Dryers are the most common type of Air Dryer, Our Article on Compressed Air Dryer – Refrigerant Air Dryers (FAC) highlights important factors relating to Refrigerant Dyers.

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How Does Water Enter a Compressed Air System?

Air contained in a Compressor is generally at elevated temperatures and 100% relative humidity. As the compressed air begins to cool down, condensation takes place. This means that water vapor begins to form in all Down Stream Equipment such as Air Receivers, Pipes, Hoses, Tools etc.

How Does a Refrigerant Air Dryer Work?

A Refrigerant Air Dryer starts off by cooling down the air. Imagine opening your Refrigerator at home, immediately you hand is greeted with a feel of cool/cold air.

Warm wet air enters the dryer where it is cooled down. All the water vapor in the system condenses into water. Picture your room window on a cold day. The water is then removed from the compressed air by a water-trap. Thereafter, the cold air is reheated to room temperature making the end product air much dryer.

What To Look For When Purchasing a Refrigerant Air Dryer?

Here are a few key factors to consider when purchasing a refrigerant air dryer:

  • Pressure – the maximum pressure of the refrigerant air dryer must be the same or higher than that of your compressor
  • Maximum Flow (CFM) – the maximum air flow that can flow through the dryer must be higher than what your compressor is able to deliver.
  • Outside Room Temperature – Are you going to install your new Refrigerant Dryer in a hot room? If so, chances are the dryer will over heat and shut itself down.
  • Inlet Temperature – Air dyers have a maximum specified inlet temperature. If this temperature is exceeded, components within the Refrigerant Air Dryer can be damaged.
  • Ambient Temperature – It is highly recommended that Refrigerant Air Dryers are installed indoors or inside well ventilated Compressor Rooms. Refrigerant Air Dryers installed outdoors must be well protected from precipitation, dust, dirt and debris.
  • For a more comprehensive look at what a Compressed Air System should look like, refer to Field Air Compressors rendering of a Typical Compressed Air System Installation below.

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