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*New* Joburg Branch

Setting up a branch and establishing ourselves in Johannesburg has been a goal of the company for a long time and something the team has all been working towards. Although we have done plenty of work in Jo’burg over the years and have been servicing customers in the province, we hadn’t (until now) officially set down roots. After doing market research and refining our business processes, we feel like we have gotten to the point where we are comfortable enough in our service offerings to really add value to this market. Hopefully, we are able to replicate the success we have experienced in Kwa-Zulu Natal as we look to continue to add value across South Africa.

A Word from Sheldon Botes (MD)

“Since I began working at the business in the 2011, I have always been highly motivated to grow and improve the company my parents built from scratch in Pietermaritzburg. To establish and run a company for nearly 30 years in a small town is really something quite remarkable and a legacy I wish to continue. It is for this reason that I am extremely excited to announce that we are officially putting roots down in Johannesburg and opening a branch there. We have an amazing, dedicated to staff who I know are up to the challenge and who are determined to make this new endeavor a successful one.”

Telephone 033 346 1755 (Nationwide Telephone)
Address Unit 16 and Unit 18
Reliance Centre
107 Heidelberg Rd
City Deep
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