Oil Water Separators

The WS series oil water separators collect the separated residual oil in a suitable container allowing the water which has been cleared of impurities to be drained.

They represent a valid and economical solution to separate oil from condensate and offer a solution in line with ecological legislation.


  • Any application using compressed air systems

Main Benefits

  • Rinsed water which can be discarded easily and safely
  • Easy operation
  • Requires minimal installation and maintenance
  • Meets environmental regulations and improves your company’s image of corporate citizenship and triple ¬†bottom line while looking after the planet
  • Excellent performance due to oleophilic and carbon filters
  • Avoid high treatment costs
  • User-friendly application with the maintenance indicator

Process Steps

  1. Collection of any type of condensate including a mix of different oils
  2. Condensates are collected through mufflers located in an expansion chamber where first stage separation takes place by depressurization
  3. Water/oil emulsion enters the first column and passes through an oleophilic media, made of oil absorbing fibres which allow water to pass through
  4. The oleophilic filter floats in the first column. This is advantageous for absorbing residual oil floating on the surface.
  5. The weight of the filter increases as oil saturation increases. Oil progressively begins to reach the service indicator. Part of the filter that is saturated keeps in contact with the water surface.
  6. When the filter is totally saturated, there is indication that the filter needs to be changed
  7. Only cleaned condensate from the bottom of the first column flows to the second column
  8. The second column contains activated carbon and absorbs the remaining oil in the condensate. The large capacity of the system prevents any risk of spillage in the case of blockage of the system, or if the system produces excessive quantities of condensate
  9. Oil content is approximately 15mg/litre, at reference conditions, at the outlet, a level that allows disposal of the condensate into the drain without risk to the environment.