Air Filters

The Importance of Air Inlet Filtration

The inlet air filter is the most important filter on your compressor. Dust is the number one cause of engine and element wear and will drastically reduce the life of the compressor element, oil separator element, and compressor oil.

The most important task for dry air filters is to ensure sufficient protection of the compressor element against wear under all foreseeable dust conditions.

By stopping contamination from atmospheric air at the air inlet filter, you extend the life of the following components:

  • Diesel engine
  • Compressor element
  • Air Oil Separator
  • Compressor Oil Filter
  • Compressor Oil
  • Bearings and moving parts

The nominal flow rate of the filter in cubic metres per minute is decisive for the filter size. Our air filters provide you with the optimum solution for your unit, matched to its air consumption.

High quality is important, remember, when you are comparing an extraction efficiency of 99.9% with 99.8% you will have two times less dust. The filter medium and paper quality are vital in the air filtration process. Through our partners, we provide a high grade material which is produced in a series of process stages.

Filter paper can exhibit market difference with regard to fibre structure, filter fineness, dirt absorbing capacity and temperature resistance, as well as resistance to water, fuel, oil and other substances.

A decisive factor governing a filter’s efficiency is the method by which the paper is processed and treated. The filter paper used by the air filters available at Field Air Compressors has a high resistance against humidity. In countries with high humidity like South Africa, the air contains a high amount of water. If the filter paper absorbs this water it will change the pore size of the filter, having its effect on separator efficiency and flow resistance.

Poor quality filters can usually be noticed through some visual aspects. Some of  the visual quality difference are as follows

  • Damaged seal
  • Paper with large pores
  • Irregular fold spacing
  • Element partially connected with staples
  • End plates not properly sealed
  • Insufficient filter surface area

A bad separation capacity means that more dust will enter the compressor unit. With a poorly chosen and sized air filter, the free air delivery possible reduces which means higher relative electricity costs for the amount of air produced.

An air filter using cheaper paper, which is not reinforced will lead to a higher risk of premature wear and compressor performance loss. When using filters with poor paper quality, the results can be as follows

  • Bigger particles passing through, resulting in higher wear possibility
  • Less dirt collecting, resulting in a faster increase in differential pressure
  • Shorter service life
  • Limited pulsation strength
  • Absorption of water by the filter paper, changing the pore size and filter efficiency

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