Air Compressors require a specific type of oil specific to their brand and their application. Partscor have done extensive research and found 100% compatible lubricant for most brands of compressors. In some cases we have managed to procure directly from the OEM’s manufacturer. Partscor lubricants are the real alternative, the quality is the same, but the price is better. For those compressors still under warranty we strongly recommend staying the OEM lubricant to avoid any chance of discrepancy with warranty, Field Air Compressors can supply most OEM oils. Enquire within.

The Benefits of using a quality lubricant

  1. The warranty on your service remains in tact
  2. Maximum performance and efficiency of your compressor is reached
  3. The lubricants are all tested and approved for the relevant applications and environments
  4. The correct lubricant significantly increases reliability and minimizes the risks
  5. Your compressor lifetime is dramatically extended
  6. You have a firm grip on the money you are spending on maintenance

The use of inferior or low-performance lubricants will irreversibly damage your equipment and lead to high maintenance and repairs costs.

Using the correct lubricants helps reduce the risk of the following

  • Compression element failure
  • Wear of components, increased friction, cavitation’s
  • Reduced cooling, overheating bearings, compression elements, components
  • Reduced critical clearance
  • Corrosion
  • Wrong pH damage of parts, seals, and internals
  • Varnish layer on internal parts
  • Low performance, higher energy consumption
  • Deposits of oil
  • Highly unpredictable maintenance cost
  • Clogging of oil filter, separator and down stream air filters
  • Limited operation range

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