Oil Filters

The Importance of Compressor Oil Filtration

The compressor oil filters task is to remove all wear-promoting impurities from the oil, but without separating the special additives. Dust and dirt in the compressor oil will end up between rotors and compressor element housing and result in damage to the rotors and thus performance loss. Since the compressor oil is also used for lubrication of the compressor element bearings, any dust will damage the rollers of the bearings. Wear of the bearings lead to increased rotor contact and will result in performance loss and reduced compressor element life. Further damage of the bearing rollers can result in cage-breakage and completely destroy the compressor element.

Original Part compressor oil filters are particularly designed to meet the toughest running conditions of the compressor. It goes without saying that also the quality of the oil being used is important to guarantee good cooling and lubrication. For a long service life and trouble-free operation, original approved and endurance tested lubricant is highly recommended.

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