At Field Air Compressors we offer pneumatic couplings or couplers to cover most of the global needs.

Pneumatic quick couplers (also referred to as air couplers, or pneumatic quick disconnects), are primarily used for pneumatic applications, connecting air tools, hoses, or other implements to compressed air supplies.

A coupling or air coupler is an essential screw in air line connecting component. It screws into the airline to facilitate a quick, secure and virtually air-tight connection between the air tool and the air hose or the compressors’ outlet point or filter regulator (when, of course, fitted with a suitably BSP threaded coupling) to establishes a secure, positive and quick to use connection to the air line.

At Field Air Compressors all the couplings available have optional adaptors to connect couplings to hoses and air tools as required. See our product range to find out more. Selecting the correct coupler and adaptor setup is critical is the reliability and longevity of your tools and equipment.

Couplers and Hose Fittings

Aro Insert Brass 8mm Hose

Couplers and Hose Fittings

Aro Insert Brass 8mm Male 1/4″