Non Return Valves

Field Air Compressors supplies a wide range of non return valves suitable for a variety of compressed air applications. Whether a male or female tank connection is required, or an in tank solution, we will be able to offer this, including in line non return valves. The range starts at 1/4″ all the way through to 2″ or 50mm.

A non return valve is sometimes referred to as a check valve and plays a vital role in any air compressor, whether it be a piston or rotary screw compressor. An air compressor check valve has only one function: to let air flow from one side to the other, while blocking air flow in the opposite direction.

If you hold the check valve in your hand and would blow on it on one side, you have no problem blowing air through it. But, if you turn the check valve around, it is impossible to blow any air through it.

The same thing happens inside the compressor or compressed air system. Once the compressed air passes the check valve, there is no way it can go back again.

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