Owners of compressed air equipment often forget that preventative maintenance is worth a lot more than fixing your machine when it breaks down. By getting the Field Air Compressor team to carry out your Rotary Screw Compressor Maintenance unit at regular intervals, you can save yourself a big headache in the future.



Screw compressor maintenance benefits

We list some of the benefits associated with the maintenance your Rotary Screw Compressed Air Unit.

Brands we Service

We offer a full range of parts for all common machines and are importers of parallel parts for most major compressor brands.  We also service many top compressor brands, as listed below. See brands we service below.


Over time your filters get clogged

Oil in the system will gradually change properties due to dust, heat and humidity content in the atmosphere

Unloader valve has springs, gaskets and o rings that wear over time

The drains, coolers, and motor gather dust and moisture which over time can clog these critical parts

What impact does Time have on the Compressed Air Installation?

Ambient Temperature influences Humidity will Dust Will Over Time
Air inlet temperature
Oil cooling
Compressed air cooling
Outlet temperature of the compression element
Oil Fluidity
Water drain operation
Cause corrosion
Affect air filter resistance
Create a short circuit in electrical devices
Increases the probability of condensation inside the oil receiver
Clog air inlet filters
Clog air and oil coolers
Clog motor cooling fan blades
Wear shaft seals
Create a short circuit in electrical devices
Consumable parts will reach the end of their lifetime
Oil will oxidize
Bearings will wear
Electrical protection will decrease


Why you should choose us…

The maintenance of any piece of machinery or compressed air equipment is essential to the longevity of the machine. Our highly skilled staff follow a strict service checklist to ensure that your compressor is maintained correctly. Once in our system, our dedicated customer service contact team will contact you directly to schedule your required maintenance when it is due. We recommend servicing your piston compressor every 12 months for optimal functioning. Why not take the hassle out of compressor maintenance and let us phone you when your compressor is due to for a service?

Get in touch with us…

    COMING SOON – Visit our page on rotary screw compressor maintenance plans for details regarding our various service plans. These service plans include advanced specific monthly invoicing, various payment options, service schedule based on calendar or run hours or a combination. Finally, the scope of the service plan is outlined upfront for full transparency.