Long Term Hire and Rental

With zero capital expenditure and service costs, hire or rental programs may suit your requirements and can be an attractive solution compared to outright purchase of air compressor systems.

We give you the use of equipment according to your requirements. No upfront capital investment is required which has positive implications for your cash flow. VAT is claimed on the premium on a monthly basis. The monthly fee is fully deductible from your taxable income.

Since the agreement is off the balance sheet, it does no affect future direct investment of your company.

The terms offered by Field Air Compressors range from 12 months to 60 months


A 37kW Compressor valued at R316,000.00 inclusive of VAT, will attract a Rental Premium of R11 500.00 including VAT per month, over 36 months

Minus the claimable VAT = R10,000.00

R10,000.00= minus 28% deducted from taxable income = R7,200.00

R7,200.00 times 36 months = R 259,200.00

The total cost of the agreement as structured, will amount to R259,200.00. Take this value versus the initial upfront purchase at R316,000.00, you have a saving of R56,800.00 which translates to a 18% saving off your bottom profit line.

Realistically renting gives flexibility and saves money whilst giving the user full peace of mind.

We have rotary screw units from 50cfm through to 500cfm available for rental on short and long-term agreements. Get in contact with us today for a personalized quotation specific to your requirements. At Field Air Compressors we also offer the various accessories required to connect the air compressor to the existing equipment on site.

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    Emergency Breakdown Assistance

    Broken down machinery is stressful, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. When your factory is down for the count, so too is your profit margin. Whether your regular air compressor is being repaired, or you are moving to a new location, Field Air Compressors South Africa can supply rental rotary screw air compressors to keep your production running and your enterprise profitable. At Field Air Compressors we offer both electric and diesel driven air compressors on short notice.