Field Air Compressors (Pty) Ltd. formerly Field Service and Factory Maintenance Trust has been around for over 20 years. A company based on family values and with over 20 years of experience in the compressed air industry, we are a trusted partner to many. The question is are you one of them?


An Idea is born

Field Air Compressors (Pty) Ltd., formerly Field Service and Factory Maintenance Trust unofficially began in 1991 when Abe Botes would carry out servicing on compressed air and other equipment part-time, during his lunch hours, after work and on the weekends, on top of his full-time job.


Let’s do this

In 1992, after finding out that his employer was closing down, Abe decided to start his own business. This is when “Field Service and Factory Maintenance” or FSFM officially began. In those days, FSFM was a limited operation, consisting solely of Abe, his tool box and the boot of a golf which served as his portable workshop. The admin side or “the books” were left in the hands of Abe’s wife, Gaye, where she would record all the businesses transactions in her little invoice book and a small soft covered analysis book. Through many hours of dedication and hard work, FSFM began to slowly expand and the boot of the golf transformed into a 70-square-metre workshop and office.


First Factory

In 1995, to facilitate the company’s growth, a mini factory was acquired, giving rise to FSFM’s new premises, Unit 19 at Davlen Park (190 square metres) in Pietermaritzburg.


Current Head office

It was in 2003, that 12 Halstead Road was purchased, this being our head office and premises in Pietermaritzburg. With approximately 600 square metres of factory space and an office block, the property had the makings of something special.


ABAC Distributorship

FSFM continued it growth in the compressed air, factory maintenance and general engineering industries. Driven by Abe’s son Sheldon, FSFM become official importers and distributors of ABAC air compressors in South Africa in 2013.


The next generation

In 2016, Field Service and Factory Maintenance Trust was converted to Field Air Compressor (Pty) Ltd in an attempt to pave the way for future growth. At this stage the “Trust” is the 100% shareholder. The Company is now headed by Sheldon Botes as Managing Director with Ashlyn Frank as Operations Director, with Abe and Gaye still very much involved.


Some Growth

2020 has been an interesting year so far, with the COVID-19 Pandemic throwing businesses and world economies a curveball. However, this is the year we celebrate opening a branch in Johannesburg and merging our Pietermartizburg and Durban branches once again. The year also saw the company go through a restructuring and achieving Level 3 BBBEE status. We see this as a major commitment to South Africa and future growth in our beautiful country.