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oil water

Separate the oil and water in your airline with our
oil water separators


Remove contaminents from your airline with our line filters.

water separators

Remove water from your
airline with our
cyclonic water separators

drain valves

Drain the condensate from your airlines with our automatic drain valves.

1.Screw CompressorDrives air through the airline. The air usage and desired quality will determine what compressor you need.
2.Air ReceiverStores compressed air from the compressor. Its volume reduces pressure fluctuations arising from load changes and compressor switching.
3.Automatic Drain ValveRegularly drains the compressed air system without manual dependence, except for periodic checks.
4.Cyclonic Water SeparatorsRemoves water from the compressed air system using a cyclonic motion.
5. Line FilterRemoves contaminants from compressed air after compression has taken place.
6.Air Oil SeparatorDuring compression, oil is injected to lubricate, seal and absorb the heat of compression. The air oil separator removes oil particles in the airline to deliver air that is free from oil (or close to depending on your needs).
7.Refrigerant DryerRemoves moisture from compressed air. This is used by industries that need to control the moisture in their production output.
8.Bypass ValveAvoid the interruption of airflow when a component is maintained or taken out of service.
9.Dryer InletAllows compressed air enters the dryer.
10.Dryer OutletAllow compressed air exits the dryer.

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